Increase the child's intelligence

All parents can create some positive conditions for the growth of the child's talent. Let's see what they are:

Cartoons are destroying imagination: Lately, cartoons are being played on smartphones to keep children calm or to feed them by mistake! Of course, sometimes parents are using smartphones to teach rhyme. Thus, the use of smartphones is creating two types of problems. First, smartphone addiction is being created among children. Second, children's imagination is declining. They are not the people around, but are beginning to imitate the manners of the cartoon character. Starting to learn to speak like cartoon characters. Even learning to hurt others. They are torturing others without even realizing the consequences of that injury. Lack of sensitivity is being created.

The scene changes rapidly before the eyes in the cartoon. So watching cartoons does not require special attention. But cartoons provide joy. Patience is not needed. According to some studies, the habit of watching cartoons can create obstacles in increasing attention and patience.

The world of smartphones doesn't allow you to face reality: Adolescents are more motivated to be present on social media with the help of internet. Children can be victims of cyber bullying on social media. In the real world, lumbering elephants are exposed by the aggression of speeding midgets. As a result in real life they become more frustrated and inattentive. As a result, study and test results are also adversely affected. The way then?

Read and teach books

Be it a very young child or a teenager— hand out a story book. Read it. It will increase their imagination. The ability to concentrate and patience will increase. Vocabulary will also increase.

When we read that book, we have to imagine every moment. You have to constantly think about various things in your head. One thought brings another thought. As a result, children gradually become creative. This creativity is also manifested in the answers to the tests.

Just as exercise increases muscle mass in our body, reading books strengthens the brain. Reading books also improves memory.

Parents read books in front of their children. Then the child will also become interested in reading books.


Let the child play. Exercise causes the secretion of a hormone called endorphins. This hormone also keeps the baby mentally stimulated. Happy children learn new things easily.


Proper eating habits can improve talent. So if you want to increase your intelligence, you have to arrange the food plate consciously.

Omega 3 fatty acids stimulate brain cell membranes and help develop intelligence. It also helps to nourish neurons. As a result, the ability to learn something new also increases. Large fish like rui, katla, mrigel etc. contain omega three fatty acids. This ingredient is found in chia seeds without fish. Omega 3 fatty acid capsules are also now available. Eating fish rich in omega three increases the secretion of dopamine in the brain.

Iron is very necessary to increase memory and develop intelligence. Fish, meat, eggs, vegetables contain enough iron.

Lutein and xanthine: Both of these ingredients help to improve the overall health of our brain, increase intelligence. These ingredients are the result of Kalojam, Jamrul.

An antioxidant called quercetin helps increase intelligence and brain function. Apples contain this ingredient.

Onions also contain sufficient amounts of quercetin and anthocyanins. Raw onions help enhance memory. In addition, the brain has numerous nerves. These are called neurons. These neurons produce chemicals called dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine and serotonin jointly help develop intelligence. Eating onions increases the secretion of both.

Folic acid helps in brain development, intelligence. Spinach contains a good amount of this ingredient.

Eggs contain a substance called choline which can increase intelligence.

An antioxidant called nazonin feeds the fat membranes of the brain. The result is increased intelligence. Eggplant contains good amount of nazonin.

Foods rich in tyrosine and phenylalanine are also essential for intelligence development. Eggs, soybeans, pulses, sour yogurt contain this ingredient.

Choline, acetocholine improves intelligence by improving the signaling system of the brain. Foods rich in such ingredients are eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, etc. In addition, eating beets, broccoli, sprouted lentils, red and black grapes, cherry fruits, etc. also increase the talent.


Certain exercises and pranayamas are important for sharpening the brain:\

Deep breathing

If you can't concentrate the restless mind, the talent will not increase. First of all, it is important to pay attention to increase concentration. First you have to straighten your head and back and sit in a lotus position or chair. Then take five to seven deep breaths. The mind will be on the breath. Exhaling cold air and exhaling hot air while exhaling: Every condition must be felt. Doing this exercise before you start reading increases concentration and increases talent.


Keep the back and head straight and sit comfortably and close the right ear with the thumb of the right hand and the left ear with the thumb of the left hand. The index finger of both hands will be placed on the eyebrows. The two mediums will be gently over the two eyes. Squeeze the nose slightly with the two anamika and shorten the two nostrils. The youngest two should be placed on the lips. In this condition you need to take a deep breath slowly through the nose. Then when you exhale, you have to make a small noise by ‘umm’ in the throat. Vibration will be felt inside the head while making this sound. This exercise can be done for two to three minutes. Control will come over the brain.

Om sound

The pronunciation of Om can be broken down into three letters A, U and M. These three are being combined - Aum. In this case, for the development of the brain, after pronouncing A, U in the sound of Om, it is necessary to pronounce M for a long time. That is, the pronunciation of m will be a little longer. In this case, you have to sit up straight and take a deep breath and pronounce this sound for one minute.

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