Realmy will bring 5G smartphones for 100 million young users


The 5G Summit was recently held in a joint venture between Realme, GSMA, Counterpoint Research and Qualcomm. At the summit, Realme, the most preferred brand of the youth, has announced to bring 5G smartphones for 100 million young users within the next 3 years.

The conference, titled 'Making 5G Global: Affordability for the Masses', brought together top leaders from industry associations, research institutes, material retailers and device manufacturers. They shed light on the technical prowess of 5G evolution, the unique relationship between 5G and youth, and how to facilitate the use of 5G.

At the conference, Realme reiterated the brand's commitment to the young community, ensuring the 5G technological benefits needed by young people and continuing to work for the advancement of 5G technology around the world. Following this, Realm will launch a new model of their GT series, the Realm 5G Performance Flagship and the Camera Flagship in June and July, respectively.


Madhav Seth, Vice President of Realm and CEO of India and Europe, said, “The first 5G smartphone launched with Realm X50; We are now exploring new design ideas and technological innovations to give users the gift of more slim and great specifications, 5G phones of design. We are determined to bring more powerful 5G smartphones to the market from Realm. We believe that accelerating the adoption of this new technology in the 5G era is an important mission for Realme. Realme is working tirelessly to take product innovation to the next level and create a comprehensive 5G ecosystem with our partners. ”

Calvin Bahia, chief economist at GSMA Intelligence, said: “While the growth in 5G coverage is encouraging, a GSMA survey found that many other barriers remain, such as the capabilities of devices, digital signature, lack of efficiency and mobile data consumption. Still, 5G transformation is inevitable worldwide and 5G is expected to provide  600 billion to the global economy in the next decade.


Tim Shaw, Managing Director, Realm Bangladesh, said: “We see that there are many barriers to the adoption of 5G technology around the world, and Realm will continue its efforts to address this weakness. We want to move forward in line with the expectations of the youth and we know that the younger generation needs smart technology like 5G. Even in the current 4G network, 5G smartphones will ensure better performance. In addition, the use of 5G smartphones from now on will keep the youth on the path to the future. Realme believes that 5G will be for everyone and we are going to bring 5G smartphones in every price range keeping in mind the needs of everyone.

Realme, the brand of choice for the younger generation, has already started its activities to implement this promise. By 2020, Realm has brought a total of 14 5G devices to 21 markets around the world, and work is underway to establish seven 5G research and development centers around the world. In addition, Realm expects to invest 300 million globally in 5G technology research and product development in 2021 to accelerate the adoption of 5G products.

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